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  • Of people reported that their skin looked healthier, clearer and more hydrated after using Skinful Glow Wand after 14 days.

  • Of people reported that their skin looked more vibrant and lifted after using Skinful Glow Wand after 14 days.

  • Of people reported that their skin looked better than it did before after using Skinful Glow Wand after 14 days.

"The Skinful Glow™ high-frequency wand is the first ever at-home device to produce a deep and powerful therapeutic skin care treatment by using radio frequency to generate new collagen, increase blood circulation, exfoliate dead skin cells and more. This results in a glowing, youthful complexion that you will love to show off. "

- Women's Health -.

Dermatologists Stamp of Approval Trusted. Estheticians Recommended. Beauty Therapists Approved...

Salon grade treatment at home.

✔️Treats acne while preventing breakouts

✔️Accelerate healing of scars/blemishes

✔️Decongest puffy eyes and dark circles

✔️Boost collagen in your skin

✔️Reduce inflammation (cause of acne)

✔️Nourish follicles for fuller, thicker hair

✔️Completely safe and pain-free

✔️Anti-aging: Soften fine lines and wrinkles

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Get Rid Of Acne For Good

Say goodbye to any acne-causing bacteria that keeps soiling skin regardless of how many times you wash your face or try to keep it clean.

Washing your face won't do the trick. But our effective high-frequency treatment can work wonders.

Featuring a Argon+Neon gas electrode that emits a small electrical current that produces oxygen when applied to your skin, our wand can:

  • Kill acne-causing bacteria
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Shorten the lifespan of your blemishes
  • Prevent any future acne breakout
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  • Treats Naturally

    The device supercharges the adenosine triphosphate or ATP to intensify the turnover of cells and slow down skin aging.

  • Reduces Wrinkles

    Visibly reduces fine lines through increased collagen production for tighter and more youthful looking skin.

  • Long-Lasting Results At A Fraction Of The Cost

    The comb hair probe energizes hair follicles and reduces hair loss, dryness and dandruff. This wand helps ensure a hydrated and healthy scalp for maximum hair growth.

  • Promotes Hair Growth

    The comb hair probe energizes hair follicles and reduces hair loss, dryness and dandruff. This wand helps ensure a hydrated and healthy scalp for maximum hair growth.

At-Home Facial Treatment

Dermatologists and estheticians have been recommending and using high-frequency skin therapy for their patients for a very long time.

This high-frequency wand uses gentle vibrations to stimulate facial muscles to help prevent wrinkles, improve the appearance of skin texture and boost radiance.

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Neon, Argon, Pro (Neo + Argon) What's the difference?

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How do you use the Facial Wand? row

1. Remove makeup with makeup remover towel, then cleanse skin with our a facial cleanser. Make sure your skin is completely dry before use.

2. Insert attachment and gradually turn power dial until you feel a slight tingling sensation.

3. Place a piece of gauze or cotton over area to be treated.

4. Move the wand in circular motions over each affected area for 1-3 minutes.

5. Once you are finished, mask-up! A facial mask will help with impurities and hydration.

How long does it take to see results?

Results will vary depending on the severity of acne and how skin responds to it. We suggest at least 3-4 weeks of consistent used to see a noticeable difference. Sometimes your skin needs a little more time adjusting to the treatment.

Does it Hurt?

When we say it's pain FREE, we mean it! Turn up the dial on the wand until you feel a slight tingling sensation. You should feel it, but it should never be painful.

How often and what duration should I use it?

We recommend 2-3 times per week with 5-10 minutes per session.

Can I use with braces?

Unfortunately not. Please do not use the High Frequency Wand if you have braces or any metal implants.

Is it FDA approved?

Yes, it certainly is!

Does it help with dark circles?

The application of high frequency is very effective at fading dark under eye circles resulting in a fresher, brighter, more youthful looking appearance.

How do you clean it?

Wipe down your Facial Wand with soap and water. Lay out to dry in between use. 

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